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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  December 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a celebration turns serious. what happened when fans got too excited over a football victory at at&t park tonight. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign. >> time to step back for herman cain. how his former republican opponents are reacting to the news. >> and ducks and geese being shot in two bay area parks. the alarming discovery and how animal control is trying to find those responsible. >> good evening. elation turns into an emergency when it collapses. came at the end of a high school championship game between two long time san francisco rivals. don knapp is at at&t park with details on the injuries. don. >> reporter: what it appears to do is a lot of enthusiasm.
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cbs 5 photographer, sports photographer and reporter, aptny was very close to seeing and here's what happened. take a look. now as we understand it from talking to people who were at the game tonight, the team won, there was an award ceremony in the middle of the field. after the ceremony took off their helmets, and sprinted towards the stands where the fans were. this is a temporary bleachers out in the center field. the fans pressed against the front of the bleachers. the bleachers gave way and some fans fell to the ground. there was a drop of five, six, seven feet there. here are people in the fans. students are telling us exactly how it looked from where they were. >> everyone, all the chairs were rushed from behind us, and then felt it breaking loose and then the railing tipped over and everyone fell over. >> one of the football players
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was the worst. >> you guys get any bumps and bruises? everything okay? >> i fell on my bottom. >> well, they are laughing about it so they couldn't have been hurt too bad. we don't know the extent of all the injuries. we'll find out later exactly how bad. we think most of the folks got out okay. cbs 5 will have more of this on the sports show coming up later. reporting live, don knapp, cbs 5. >> allegations of sexual prop prities caught up with herman cain. he is suspending his campaign, which will allow him to continue to raise money. proved too much to bare. >> it felt like a campaign rally. until herman cain told his supporters he is out of the race. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign because
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of the continued distraction. >> former gop candidate lost financial support after several allegations of sexual harassment. and one woman who claimed they had a 13 year affair. cain denies it all. with his wife, gloria, standing by him, cain says she never asked him to quit. >> i saw the pain this all of this mess was causing her. that's why i made the decision. >> accusations derailed a quick rise to the top of the polls. cain's announcement came at what was supposed to be the opening of his national headquarters in his hometown of atlanta. laura shaefer was ready to vote for him. >> he was a true joy and hope that we could turn this country around. now, i'm not so sure. >> the two front runners quickly reacted. >> i give him credit for talking about the big ideas and focus on the economy. >> herman's campaigns was one of ideas. his decision is based on what is best for him and his family.
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cain will continue to be a voice for the people. in the end, cain wasn't able to withstand all the pressure a presidential candidate must endure. cbs news. >> fen before cain dropped out, a new poll shows a new leader in advance of the iowa caucuses. the des moines register poll shows newt gingrich with support from 25% of likely voters in the leadoff iowa caucus. texas congressman, ron paul, has 18%. and mitt romney is close behind with 16%. cain, michele bachmann and perry are all in single digits. call your congressman, that's the plea from president obama. pressure lawmakers to extend the payroll tax cut. 160million americans will see smaller paychecks if the extension expires. there's little agreat many on agreement on capitol hill to pay for it. democrats want a new tax on millionaires. republicans want more federal
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spending cuts. >> the republicans refuse, they want to keep in doubt whether the middle class will have a texas cut, hold that hostage to protect tax cuts to the wealthiest people. >> republican leaders couldn't muster the votes in their own party to pass the extension. and some democrats want to do more than extend the cuts. they want to expand it as well. >> a rare attack inside baghdad's green zone was captured on camera. an iraqi military leader showed the video to reporters. approaching a check point in a car, then backing up. the green zone has the u.s. and other embassies. they believe the target was the prime minister. raising questions about security. a series of accidents on bay area railroad tracks left three people dead. two people were killed when
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they were struck on the peninsula. the third person died when they were struck by an amtrak train in fremont. friends and family of a wounded oakland toddler are raising money for his medical care. today, they held a car wash. hyram was shot in the head monday when seven people hit by gunfire. today volunteers and relatives expressed their sorrow over the incident. >> anything to help. >> you look at the baby and see what happened. you see how terrible situation it was. thank you for the prayers. being with the family, no violence. no retaliation. >> his family says they are at an impasse with doctors over his care and are now seeking help from patients. a disturbing discovery in two bay area parks, several ducks and geese shot and left to die. it happened twice at newhall
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park. both parks are in concord. don knapp on the latest attack that happened just last night. >> the call to police and animal control came in at 8:00 a.m. reporting dead and wounded ducks and geese. here by the park, a sign warns visitors of coyotes, but mike russell says the water foul are being killed by people with guns. >> as far as we know, it's a small rifle of some sort. >> five geese and ducks were killed. two more will probably die of injuries. most have been cleared at the time this was shot, but one lay dead on the ground. another bleeding through its white feathers. brenda adams and her family live nearby and heard gun shots at night. >> there was multiple shots and we called 911 right away and there was -- he's still shooting while he was doing that. >> it's the second geese and duck shooting. another incident happened in concorde. police and animal services don't know if they are related.
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>> stepped up patrols in the area. we're doing the normal forensic data. gathering the slugs from the animals. trying to match them. we're doing everything possible. >> walks her dog here daily. she has seen dead and maimed birds. >> they were mutilated. a wing was crooked or tail was bent up. >> this is an area used by families. officer russell says police and animal services are taking the incidents very seriously. there's a risk to pets and even humans, he says. >> the weapon has a good range on it. a miss could skip off of water, go into one of these houses. people walk their dogs at night out through this area. they could be accidentally hit. >> here's how serious investigators are taking it. concorde police are involved. the department of fish and game, and if birds are killed or injured, the federal government may step in. in concorde, don knapp, cbs 5.
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>> patient names posted on the internet. the new admission coming from one bay area public health department. >> anything you can do with blood, we do here. >> and making good use of destroyed trees. making sure the wood won't go to waste. >> clear, cool, and dry. the winds subside through the early morning hours. we'll look for patchy frost out there with the winds returning by tomorrow night. i'll have the details coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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old specialist sean an emotional fair well for a bay area guardsman layed to rest today. 21-year-old specialist shaun walsh was killed two weeks ago in afghanistan. the san jose native was deployed a year ago. his mother offered a touching farewell. >> the man you became. he touched so many people and i heard so many wonderful things about you. i'm truly blessed to have been your mother and grateful for
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all the time we had together. >> walsh is the 29th member of the california national guard to die during service in iraq and afghanistan since 9/11. checking some other bay area headlines, officials are acknowledging a breech in patient privacy a. story we first told you about more than a week ago. more than 5600 notices have been mailed to people who owed money to the health department saying their names had been posted on the internet as part of a report. the board of supervisors. no medical information was released. the state is now investigating. the bulk of the money is now in place for new 49ers stadium in santa clara. three banks have aggrade to put up more than $850 million to finance the project. final approval of the plans isn't expected until spring. the stadium would be ready for the 2015 season. and gusty winds help fuel a fire in santa rosa overnight. 3-acres and a motor home.
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downed power lines created a hazard. had a truck in water because of a lack in hydrants. some were temporarily evacuated, but in injuries. no word yet on a cause. communities across california are cleaning up after violent storms. much of the mess left behind is downed trees. why some won't go to waste. >> some of the strongest winds prepped across california this week and knocked some very large trees down. like this cyprus tree that crushed this house in the oakland hills. >> about 1:00 a.m., it was a rumble and the whole house shook. i just assumed earthquake because everyone talks about earthquakes here. >> the tree crashed into his kid's room and thankfully the kids escaped, but what happens to all those trees that need to be cleaned up? standard industry practice is to take these downed trees and
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chip them or turn them into firewood. but there's another company which has a whole different idea. lumber. the professional tree care company tries to keep the tree trunks whole and with their own saw mill, recycles the down trees into custom cut lumber. bernie runs the recycling team. >> when they get to our yard, depending on the species and the quality of the log, we will mill that into lumber, flooring, landscape timbers that replace toxic railroad tries. anything you do with wood, we do here. >> this cedar wall may have fallen in your local park. while this floor may have uprooted your sidewalk. or perhaps this walnut counter may have punch add hole in your roof. logs to lumber. there's a lot of life left in these trees. >> if you have seen furniture from the 15th century france.
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wood can stick around for a while. >> don ford, cbs 5. now the winds sticking around. we'll have a look at weekend forecast and the week ahead. >> the winds are subsiding, but it will be back tomorrow. not quite as strong as we saw earlier. we're looking for 20 to 30-mile an hour gusts by tomorrow night into monday. for this evening, winds are calming down, believe it or not, as a result, we'll look for some patchy valley frost first thing in the morning as mostly clear skies prevail. dry and mild through the day with breezy conditions developing by tomorrow night as we continue dry through the week. high pressure continues to prevail out there. we saw a bit of a cooling trend today, yesterday, you may recall, we set a will the of records with mid to upper 70s for daytime highs, we were down a good 5 to 12 degrees for most locations. back in the mid to upper 60s here as we saw cooling
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throughout the region. we'll continue on the cool side again tomorrow. cooler air mass in place across the area, even with the clear skies and the winds again are settling down slowly here across the region. we'll look for the winds to redevelop by tomorrow night into monday as mentioned with highs today again in the mid to low 60s for most locations. we saw some upper 60s. mountain view as well. checking in the 65 as did santa rosa today. we'll look for mid to low 60s for tomorrow for most locations. cool temperatures tonight. mid to upper 30s. out across the north bay, could see some patchy frost. and a freeze warning is up for the valley and portions of southern monterey county tonight as we are looking for mid to low 30s there. the offshore flow keeping all the clouds at bay here that will continue through the week as this high pressure system will continue to block the
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storm track and away to our north and there you see the disturbances through desert. that is generating wind across the bay area here, which is dying down this evening, only to return by tomorrow night into monday as you see all those red contouring showing up across the north bay and finally the winds settle down and stay that way through the end of the week. again for tomorrow, mid to low 60s for most bay area locations as temperatures will remain on the cool side and then we stay that way through the week as we see mostly sunny and cool right on through the weekend. continue to dry here, even into next weekend as we see a few more clouds move into the area. we should be in the rain this time of year, but obviously we're not. so we'll have to suffer through all this dry shopping weather. >> that's right. all right, thank you much. >> gary in tonight for kim. and you're starting with hockey? >> actually, we're going to get to hockey. there's a lot to come up. sharks on the ice looking for
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back to back wins and a whole lot of conference titles up for grabs in college football. also a huge high school football game at at&t. this one goes back 118 years. sports coming up after the break. ,,,, [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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this newscast we showed youe railing collapse at at&t pa. at the top of the newscast, we showed you the rail collapsing at at, and t park. a rivalry that goes back to 1983. everybody rooting them on. the first time they met for the
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division one title. si tied it the game on this keeper. he gets his helmet ripped off. he's fired up because it's a new game. the shotgun to snap a tie. he can't handle it. danny o'malley took it the other way. 21-14. sacred heart looking to tie the ball game. he let it fly, but albert waters is there to pick it off and seal the deal. beats their rival 21-14. giants gm, brian cab january sabian. taking on menlow. second half, eric redwoods up the middle through the pile and he cruises. it is the first title in 21 years. final score, 42-21.
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all right, everyone figured that lsu was going to play regardless of the outcome of today's sec championship. but matthew with the tigers, spotted georgia, ten points early on, and they call him honey badger and look at this. he does what he wants. his electric punt return, lsu scores 42 unanswered to win. they are headed to the championship game. number three, oklahoma state with one last chance to sway the pollsters and computers. and they made a statement against in state rival oklahoma. they put the sooners to bed early. jones returns the fumble for a score. cowboys win big. how about case right there. and undefeated houston. you had other ideas. bradley returns it there. houston suffered their first
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loss. down 5 at michigan state. russell wilson as time scrambles. it's first and goal, so give it to monte ball. his fourth touchdown of the night. here's the difference, badgers headed to pasadena and the rose bowl. an upset in the championship. good news for stanford. virginia tech got taken down by the tigers of clemson. boyd throws three touchdowns in their 38-so victory. the tigers are headed to the orange bowl for the first time in 30 years. >> so many quitters out there. all these people that quit on us, they don't deserve this. this is for the players and the coaches and for all those people that are all in all the time. >> yeah, that's what i'm talking about. uconn needed to beat cincinnati. didn't happen. their defense scored two touchdowns. gets the ball stolen away by
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cincinnati. he just reaches it, grabs if. a crazy play. he plays to share the big east title. the sharks took the ice tonight against a much improved florida team. the panthers are on top and tonight they showed why. sharks pumped up over their 4-3 shootout win. first period, logan returns, fires, and returns. bad night for the sharks defense. turnover here taken by former shark. he beats tomas. game tied up at 2. later, another sharks turnover. he scores and florida takes it to a 3-2 lead. three goals in the second and right here, this one shorthanded as jack scores it from dan boyle. look at that. gets it in. sharks lose this one by the count of 5-3. all right, do not go anywhere just yet. a teen surfer takes home $40,000. and tiger should have ordered that straight up on the rocks
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at sherwood is never a good thing. where woods is on the leader board when we come back. ,,,, at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement...
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and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area,
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so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. rolina kicked the best post season run in st. mary soccer his ray came to an end. north carolina kicked them out 2-0. golf now, tiger woods with
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a three-stroke lead at the tournament in so cal. off the green at number 4, no problem. he chips that one in. tiger had troubles all day long. five bogies and a one over par. 73 on the day. he is one shot behind this man coming up, zach johnson. johnson shot 4 under par. highlighted by this beautiful shot. 7 iran, 163. thank you. right in the bottom of the cup. that is old, johnson will take it. remember, tiger is still looking for his first win in over two years. >> here we go. yeah. how about that. 19 yeerl john florence gets totedly tubular. he wins the world cup of surfing in hawaii yesterday and a cool $40,000 in the process. very nice. all right, the raiders and dolphins are right here on cbs 5 tomorrow. 10:00 a.m. kickoff followed by the fifth
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quarter at 2:00. kim is in miami for post game reaction. i talked with her today and she was on the beach. >> yes, beautiful out there. >> oh yeah. >> we'll be right back. security. the american dream. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪
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weekend... 1:00:12 "let's go oakland, let's go!" finally tonight, celebrations of the season this weekend. one of the biggest and best holiday parades in the country. delighted crowds in downtown
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oakland today. this is the 12th annual america's children's holiday parade. marching bands and floats and giant balloons of beloved cartoon characters and a dig cawrnt events oakland as well. 150 bicycles and their families today at pier 9. those bikes will soon be donated to the san francisco fire department's toy program. 25,000 kids receive toys. that's it for this edition of eyewitness news. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow night at 5:30. until then, our updates are on good night. ,,,,,,,,,,
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